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Valid FRX is an investment company that focuses on real estate, cryptocurrency, gold as well as forex. We empower individuals around the world by creating opportunities for them to invest in a trusted and reliable company that guarantees a reliable stream of income for investors.

As a licensed and regulated company based in New Zealand, we operate globally and work with a wide range of clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our investment solutions to meet the unique needs and objectives of each client, leveraging our deep understanding of global markets and investment opportunities to deliver superior returns.

Our team of seasoned investment professionals includes some of the brightest minds in the industry, with decades of experience across a range of asset classes and investment styles. Our rigorous approach to research and analysis, combined with our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of industry trends, ensures that we are always well-positioned to identify and capitalize on emerging investment opportunities.

We provide access to high-growth global investment opportunities in the financial markets through the utility of state-of-the-art technical facilities and the implementation of industry standard trading strategies. We offer some of the most dynamic and high-performing investments services worldwide.

With our global headquarters in New Zealand and employees in more than 13 locations worldwide, our operations extend across global financial capitals and important regional centers. This brings us closer to our investors around the world, and provides invaluable asset management and investments services to our investors.

We combine our deep knowledge of local markets with the power of coordinated global oversight to drive better investment outcomes for our numerous investors

With our deep understanding of technology, economics, and finance, and by applying knowledge and innovation, we have created one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced investment platforms in Europe.

Our company is licensed and regulated by the government of New Zealand as a trusted global investment company.

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An investment that takes you to great heights

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Expert Team

Our team of investment professionals has years of experience and a proven track record of success, giving our clients peace of mind

Invest With Confidence

We prioritize transparency and risk management, ensuring that our clients can invest with confidence and peace of mind.

Secure Platform

Our state-of-the-art technology and robust security measures ensure that our clients' funds and personal information are always safe and secure.

Frequently Asked

With just $100 will can start your journey to financial freedom

With as little as $100, you can start your journey to financial freedom

We use a combination of investment strategies and market analysis to identify profitable opportunities and generate returns for our clients.

We prioritize risk management and use various strategies, including diversification and hedging, to mitigate risk and protect our clients' investments.

Our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach out to us via phone, email, or chat.

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Yes, our experienced advisors offer personalized investment advice to help clients make informed decisions.

Yes, we work with our clients to set investment goals and develop a personalized investment strategy to achieve those goals.

You can invest with Valid-FRX by creating an account on our website and making a deposit.

Yes, Valid-FRX is regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) in New Zealand.

Investments that will make you grow

At Valid-FRX, we’re more than just an investment company – we’re your partner in achieving your financial dreams. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and taking a personalized approach to every investment strategy

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